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Behind The Author

During the day Luis is a civil engineer, during the night, Luis picks up his pen, well more like the keyboard and embarks on a journey to craft fantastical worlds. So how did an engineer turn into a fantasy writer, well its been a long journey and it's one that actually began before he was officially an engineer.

From a young age Luis has always been fascinated by mythology and fantasy worlds or as Tolkien called it a secondary world. His love of fantasy began with Greek myths and the brother's Grim fairy Tales. During grade school, Luis wrote a few children's stories, including his first fantasy short story, The Lost Ring, which as you can guess from the title, it was heavily inspired by Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings.

In 2013, Luis decided to embark on a journey to write a full length novel while still in college, and thus the journey towards The Grimalkin Knight began.  

It’s been an incredible journey, full of obstacles, self doubt and many stories which may never see the light of day, all in an effort to improve his writing, and craft a story he can be proud of and readers can enjoy for many years to come. 

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