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A Journey Into The Evergreen

In the Kingdom of Delmar, a land of knights, grimalkins, werewolves and other mystical creatures, one unlikely knight must rise to the occasion to save the heir to the royal house of the lion.

After a horrific curse has left the young Prince Dandalion terminally ill, his father, King Haygard is left desperate for help. Out of all the brave and skillful knights in the kingdom, Sir Callahad, a small and simply grimalkin is chosen to embark on a journey to find the one and only thing that can lift the prince’s curse.   

Cast against the many perils of the Evergreen Forest, Callahad finds himself surrounded by enemies and on the hunt for a fabled creature of great power and healing. But his journey will take him deep into the heart of this treacherous woodland--as this brave grimalkin treks deep into the fairy world for help. Through his journey, Callahad and his new companions uncover a mysterious and ancient evil that has plagued the land including the forest folk and the royal family. When the truths of the past and the corruption of the present threaten to derail Callahad’s noble quest and destroy the lives of more than one noble family, this knight must claw his way to truth and justice.

Fantasy Book Cover, Knight, Castle
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